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Gambling Addiction - What actually is it?

Many people take gambling for fun but they are not aware of the situation that might pop up if they are unable to stop the action or what you can call it as being addicted to it. It leads to serious troubles in your life including stress, mental problems, problematic relationships and even financial loss.

There are many things to which people can get addicted. Only few of us are aware of this particular condition known as gambling addiction. In such a situation the person is unable to stop gambling even if he is quite sure of the consequences he will be facing if he does not stop. There are chances of conflicts in your relationships or mental stress and strain apart from money loss.

According to certain estimates conducted, it has been stated that more than 350,000 individuals in the United Kingdom are subjected to gambling addiction. Out of this figure there are only very few who seek expert advice where as the others never care about it.

So now, how do you think you can finalize whether you have gambling addiction or not? It is something linked to psychological reactions and therefore by answering the questions given below you can come to a conclusion at the end if your answers are mostly 'yes'.

  • Do you consider gambling to be the greatest thing in your life giving it a position above your family relationships and friends?
  • Do you skip work for gambling?
  • Do you borrow money for the gambling purpose?
  • Do you lie or make excuses to your relatives and family on gambling?
  • Are you worried about the gambling debts that you have made and get tensed over when you hear a door bell or phone ringing?
  • Do you think the people around you find it difficult to tolerate your gambling madness?
  • Do you find that you are giving more time for gambling than usual?

If the problem is with your loved ones and you really want to get hold of them, check out these tips that can be of great help in figuring out things.

  • Lying about their whereabouts.
  • Putting the blame over others for the addiction they have developed.
  • Keeping away the bank statements.
  • Spending most time away from the house.
  • Behaving more like being frustrated for everything talked about.
  • Shouting or becoming irritable when asked about gambling or when advised to stop the behaviour.

What do you really think is the reason or the cause of a gambling addiction? Like any other condition, there are several causes and they must be seriously looked into:

  • Mental stress.
  • Getting attached automatically to the adrenaline rush and immense thrill from gambling.
  • Demise of loved ones and the feeling of being left alone.
  • Increased alcohol dependence.
  • Depression.
  • Already having an easily addictive behaviour.

Mostly people never tend to accept that they have a gambling addiction as they consider it to be a hobby and nothing to be a condition that can disturb their health, wealth or relations. The first step to treatment is to admit that you have this problem. Once this is done, you can prefer the most reliable treatment methods including group - based support sessions as well as psychological therapies. You can also get out of this situation by keeping your life like an open book by giving the bank details and cards to your family members, cancelling any online account and discussing everything with your family and taking their advices happily for a better living!

If you do not have such a problem there is nothing easier than a game of online roulette or two, and the fun is just one click away.

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